TPE SEBS 1300 95A


TPE SEBS 1300 95A 3D printing filament is a Shore 95A elastomer that does not require drying to process and has excellent bed adhesion. It also enables printing ease. TPE SEBS 1300 95A has better elasticity for applications that require flexibility and durability with the added benefit of excellent processability and no required drying. TPE SEBS 1300 95A is slightly firmer than the 85A product to meet application requirements that call for flexibility but also need more rigidity to achieve the finished part performance. TPE SEBS 1300 95A works on all open-platform desktop printers and can be ran on direct drive configurations.

TPE SEBS 95A can be used for parts that need elastomeric properties that can bend, flex and stretch and has demonstrated a very high success rate in printing complex geometries. TPE SEBS 1300 95A is similar to rubber and other thermoplastic elastomers in its properties. This material has a similar feel to harder grades of TPU and TPO products with less warp, more bed adhesion and less printing issues. TPE SEBS 1300 95A is well suited to printing parts that require toughness, and resilience as well as some flexibility and fatigue resistance. This material is non-hygroscopic and can be printed without drying.


TPE SEBS1300 95A is perfect for soft touch applications which include but are not limited to:

  • Automotive interior trim components
  • Packaging closures
  • Covers and housings
  • Grips
  • No slip feet for electronic and mechanical components
  • Gap seals


The TPE SEBS 1300 95A is a soft material that is less flexible than the TPE SEBS 1300 85A. Advantages of the TPE SEBS include:

TPE SEBS 1300 95A
  • No drying required
  • High flexibility
  • Less visible layer lines
  • Very low warpage and curl
  • Higher success print rate

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