Design for Automated Assembly

Experience and Expertise in Automated Assembly to Significantly Drive Down Costs

As worldwide competition to deliver products quickly to market increases, manufacturers look for ways to assemble products faster and more reliably. Advances in robotic technology such as smart learning, knowledge sharing, and miniaturization are enabling powerful new automated assembly capabilities to significantly improve speed-to-market. And since up to 85% of a product's cost is directly affected by its design and manufacturability, experience and expertise in automated assembly is critically important beginning with the product-concept phase.

Jabil engineers have the unique blend of skills required to effectively design products for automatic assembly. They work closely with manufacturing and automation engineers to ensure that the end product is cost-effective and that all design and process challenges are addressed in a timely manner. At Jabil, we believe that the best automation results from the best design.

Jabil expertise in designing for automatic assembly improves a number of automation applications:

  • Presses and fixtures
  • Robotics (axes of movement, grippers, resolution, repeatability, backlash)
  • Dispensers and curing
  • Feeders/tape and reel systems
  • Nesting and conveyer systems
  • Vision systems
  • Packaging
  • Servicing/reworking

Jabil’s Design for Automated Assembly expertise is located throughout the world.