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Smart Packaging Webinar

Watch On Demand: Key Trends, Challenges & Opportunities to Build Brand Brilliance with Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging Webinar

Technology innovation and the Internet of Things are forcing companies to keep pace with perpetual change, while consumers are forcing brands to bring new products to market that reduce costs and increase revenues. One consequence of these trends is a move to unconventional solutions to drive interactive, aware and intelligent packaging to help drive brand awareness, loyalty, and consumer value.

Did you know that 28% of packaging stakeholders said they are currently using intelligent packaging technologies? Add to that an additional 19% who plan to adopt these capabilities over the next 3 years and it's clear that smarter packaging is on the rise!

Are you exploring the benefits of intelligent packaging to drive a unique experience for your brands?

Join Jabil Packaging Solutions' own Amanda Williams, Business Development Manager, Phil Hague of Radius Innovation & Development and Dianne Hagglund, Founder & Principal of Dimensional Research as they discuss key trends, challenges and opportunities to bring brilliance to your packaging platforms through affordable digital applications that differentiate.

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Overview of packaging survey results
  • Industry trends


  • Design considerations
  • Solutions & success stories
  • Q&A discussions

Learn and Discuss With the Experts!

Amanda Williams

Business Unit & Technology Manager, Jabil Packaging Solutions

Amanda spearheads intelligent packaging programs at Jabil, bringing to life exciting new concepts across key customer segments. Prior to joining Jabil, she founded several startups in the consumer electronics and manufacturing logistics spaces and has worked for Xerox Parc, Adobe, Intel Research and Microsoft Research. Amanda holds a PhD in Information and Computer Science from UC Irvine and a BS in Symbolic Systems from Stanford.

Phil Hague

Managing Director, Radius Innovation & Development

Phil is an experienced veteran of product development, brand building and business innovation at Radius Innovation & Product Development. His major client experience includes: P&G, Kimberly-Clark, 3M, SC Johnson, Cover Girl and many others. Phil holds an industrial design degree from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

Diane Hagglund

Founder & Principal at Dimensional Research

As the principal researcher, Diane brings tremendous IT applications and infrastructure expertise, as well as years of experience working alongside the professionals who purchase and use this technology. Prior to founding Dimensional Research, Diane worked for King Research and Mercury Interactive (now HP). She holds a B.Sc. (Honours) in Pure Mathematics from the University of Manitoba.

Part of the webinar series Value-Added Packaging: Investing to Achieve Brand Brilliance

In late 2016, Jabil Packaging Solutions sponsored a Dimensional Research study titled Trends in Plastic Packaging: A Survey of Packaging Stakeholders. These webinars focus on the results of three key areas in that study: Smart Packaging, Sustainable Packaging and Time to Market.



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