Sustainable Packaging Strategies Whitepaper

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Your Guide to Sustainable Brand Brilliance

By now, you know the importance of plastic packaging as a part of the overall brand experience. And with so many consumers becoming aware of the environmental impacts of the products they choose, commitments to sustainable business are no longer exclusive to niche brands. Sustainability is now a core consideration for every product brand.

With such a prolific, central role across every industry sector, the reality is: plastics can’t simply be discarded. The entire packaging industry is rallying to provide sustainable solutions and is ditching the old “take, make and dispose” model in favor of a concept of the circular economy. As reported in a Jabil-sponsored survey, nearly 70% of respondents expect bio-based plastic materials to increase within the next three years. But as you’ll learn, sustainable business goes well beyond choosing bio-resins or post-consumer materials for your products. 

In this complimentary Jabil Packaging Solutions whitepaper, get a holistic view of sustainable business and packaging - trends, considerations and solutions, with stand-out examples from major product brands, like Keurig Green Mountain. Whether you’re just starting to consider sustainable packaging solutions or well along your sustainability journey, this is one packaging whitepaper that’s sure to make a difference!

In This Whitepaper You'll Discover

  • Sustainable packaging industry & consumer trends
  • An overview of the circular economy concept
  • The business of sustainability for major brands 
  • Sustainable solutions: efficiencies, bio-based materials, degradability, refillables & recycling
  • The sustainability journey at Keurig Green Mountain 
  • Tips for sustainable packaging partnerships

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