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Hp and Jabil Revolutionize Manufacturing

Whether you're building industrial printers, medical diagnostics equipment or appliances, it can be extremely difficult to support low or mid-volume production runs with cost-effective, consistent results. How are you prepared to immediately respond to demands for innovative product designs with appropriate levels of certification while supporting a large installed base?

With additive manufacturing, you have the capabilities to disrupt your supply chain with how you create, manufacture and distribute products. Support your brand and reputation with the ability to give customers what they really want – better design, fewer parts, faster delivery, and improved reliability.

Not only are you reducing your time-to-market, optimizing design, reducing tooling demands, and manufacturing industrial machines with fewer moving parts – but you’re also strengthening your brand reputation.

The opportunities for innovation with additive manufacturing are wide-ranging. We’re excited to work with you in using the latest technologies, materials, and manufacturing design processes so you can realize the full benefits of additive manufacturing. 

Jabil Additive Dynamic Response Teams

Jabil’s dynamic response teams stand ready in these challenging times to assist you in eliminating barriers to production turnaround challenges, from initial concept to final output. Through the enhanced capabilities of additive manufacturing and the expertise of these teams, you can:

  • Consolidate your Bill of Materials (BOM) and cut assembly time through by producing complex part geometries.
  • Rapidly iterate new product refinements by eliminating complicated and expensive tooling requirements.
  • Access a distributed manufacturing model to produce needed parts locally and on-demand.
  • Access a broad ecosystem of new materials engineered for additive manufacturing that meet and exceed product requirements and industry certifications for increasingly high-performance applications.

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