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Many industries are discovering the agile benefits of additive manufacturing – whether to avoid intense tooling costs and timing, gain advantages in weight and shape, or iterate during the design and prototype phases. The following industries are leading the way and Jabil is experienced in delivering additive solutions for each through our materials and production services.  

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace industry was one of the first industries to embrace additive manufacturing (AM), and it’s now one of the largest single industries using it. AM enables the design of more complex parts, fast revisions and lower buy-to-fly ratios — critical factors for applications that have to meet the most demanding material and performance standards. That’s why AM is increasingly used for building fuel nozzles, turbines and burners, actuators and hydraulics, and other aerospace and defense components. 

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Additive manufacturing is reinventing the design, manufacturing, production, and delivery of diagnostic equipment. Medical equipment manufacturers are able to meet the demands of healthcare professionals head-on with equipment with improved form factors, cost-effective manufacture of low-volume, high-value equipment, and faster time-to-market of new product innovations.

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There is no denying the increased pace of innovation and change happening in the automotive industry - including advances in autonomous cars, advanced driver assistance systems and the customization of consumer vehicles. A big part of the reason for this rapid pace of innovation is additive manufacturing.

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Heavy Equipment

The strength and benefits of additive manufacturing give you the ability to stay ahead of the pace of change in the heavy equipment industry. Whether you are building heavy equipment for mining, construction or agriculture, it can be extremely difficult to support low or mid-volume production runs with cost-effective, repeatable, consistent results. Know that with additive manufacturing, you’re well positioned to eliminate barriers to cost-effective design, production, manufacture, and delivery of parts and equipment.

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The transportation industry faces many hurdles to keep up with the pace of change and the demands of customers. Additive manufacturing helps companies reduce downtime and inventory and improve supply management, and supports advances in lightweight design and manufacture. Benefit from the ability to give customers the parts they need where and when they need them and remove the huge demands of maintenance, repair and obsolescence of parts.

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Industrial Machines

Whether you're building industrial printers, medical diagnostics equipment or appliances, you can use additive manufacturing to reduce your time-to-market, optimize design, reduce tooling demands, and manufacture industrial machines with fewer moving parts and support low or mid-volume production runs with cost-effective, consistent results.  Learn about Jabil’s experience with developing and printing additive parts to build HP’s 3D printers.

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Whether you’re a performance running shoe company, specialize in orthopedic, military or construction footwear, it can be extremely challenging as the market shifts from a mass produced, off-the-shelf, affordable footwear model to one that delivers on unique customer requests with anywhere, anytime customization. With additive manufacturing you can differentiate your brand through scalable personalization and customization.

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