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At the Materials Innovation Center in Chaska, Minnesota, Jabil materials scientists and engineers create, formulate and produce high quality materials for use in traditional and additive manufacturing.

Established to focus on both R&D and the production of new materials, our expert team works on three key areas to meet market demand and expand what's possible:

  • Filaments and powders for use in industrial 3D printing platforms. Jabil's high-quality filaments are available by the spool on Digi-Key and MatterHackers.
  • Design and development of innovative, unique materials for additive and traditional manufacturing.
  • Custom materials developed for additive and traditional manufacturing in partnership with customers in aerospace, healthcare, automotive, and other industrial sectors.

Whether you are planning to produce thousands of products or a single prototype - it all starts with the right material. Because Jabil operates global manufacturing for customers in many industries, our team has an extensive practical understanding of how materials are used and how to apply material science to develop and produce the results you need.

"New, innovative materials do more than help the bottom line. Novel approaches with new polymers can solve important challenges in sustainability, healthcare, transportation, environmental care, and aerospace."
- Dr. Elizabeth Anne Gardner, Jabil Senior Chemist & Materials Engineer

All Jabil Materials


Jabil Engineered Materials create superior filament materials with unique properties such as increased strength, flame-retardancy, conductivity and lubrication. The following filaments are available via Digi-Key, MatterHackers and other sites by the spool, or contact us using the form to discuss custom or special orders.

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ABS 1400 LW Filament

An easy-to-print material and delivers more durable and heat resistant parts than PLA while also minimizing warping. Parts have excellent surface appearance and support multiple post-processing options such as vapor smoothing.

PA 4035 CF Filament

An ESD-safe (electrostatic dissipative), carbon-fiber-reinforced PA12 copolymer providing greater stiffness, strength and toughness over similar materials on the market. Great for printing items that require extra strength and stiffness.

PA 4500 Filament

This is a neat Nylon copolymer with good lay flat/low warp properties, excellent appearance, strength in both XY and XZ directions, and toughness. It can be used at lower processing temps (240-260 C) and provides over 100% elongation at break and better overall strength then most PAs.

PA 4535 CF Filament

This is among the strongest PA co-polymer carbon fiber (CF) filaments available on the market with the highest CF loading available and 40% improvement in tensile strength. It is ESD-safe with excellent impact strength, Z strength and elongation at break.

PC 1500 FR Filament

A flame-retardant, easy printing polycarbonate manufactured with FR UL V-0 material. The material is perfect for parts that require strength, stiffness and impact resistance along with flame retardancy.

PETg Filament

An easy-processing, standard filament for printing jobs requiring good strength and stiffness along with a good balance of properties in XY and XYZ directions. PETg filaments are stronger than PLA. Their toughness and broad operating-temperature range make it a dependable material for many projects.

PETg 0800 ESD Filament

Easy processing and electrostatic dissipative (ESD) filament with a good balance of properties in XY and XYZ directions. This filament provides excellent toughness and durability.

TPE-SEBS 1300 85A Filament

A soft material great for prototyping where rubber-like or elastomeric properties and durability are required. TPE-SEBS properties are similar to rubber and other thermoplastic elastomers, including being soft to the touch while maintaining a strong and flexible durability.

TPE-SEBS 1300 95A Filament

A soft material great for prototyping where rubber-like or elastomeric properties and durability are required. TPE-SEBS 1300 95A is slightly firmer than TPE-SEBS 1300 85A for application requirements that call for flexibility but also need more rigidity to achieve the optimal finished part performance.



For industrial 3D printers and larger-scale additive manufacturing. Jabil offers two standard powders listed below. We can also work with you to formulate custom powders with the precise properties you need for your project.


PA 4000 Powder​​​​​​​

A well-balanced, durable nylon powder, PA 4000 offers chemical resistance and various finishing possibilities that make it ideal for open-sourced laser sintering 3D printers.

PA 4050 GB Powder

PA 4050 GB should be selected for applications that require functionality testing, durable prototyping, or low-volume builds. With increased dimensional stability, this material holds up to heavy-duty part requirements.


Jabil also produces materials in pellet form for larger-scale industrial 3D printing. Pellets are cost-effective for those printing in large format or large volumes. Using pellets eliminates the need to refeed the filament each time a spool runs out. Contact us to discuss pellet options.


Custom Materials

If you are looking for a material you don't see here, or would like to consult with us about a custom material, please complete the form and get in touch.



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