What is the current state of 3D printing?

Download the Additive Materials and 3D Printing Trends survey report.

Just two years ago, 3D printing was set to transform manufacturing. Today, with recent advancements, it is completely revolutionizing it. The popularity and applications of additive manufacturing have skyrocketed. But there are still challenges to overcome.

How are companies investing in additive manufacturing? What opportunities and challenges have come along with the adoption of 3D printing? This report is based on a survey of more than 300 decision makers.

What’s included?

  • Key and detailed findings from the Additive Materials and 3D Printing Trends survey
  • How companies are investing in, adopting and utilizing 3D printing
  • The biggest issues companies face with 3D printing
  • The current state of additive materials
  • How 3D printing is transforming design and engineering teams

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