Custom Robotics Solutions

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Innovative Motion Platforms

Many wearableAR/VR, and optical assembly applications require custom robotic solutions to provide very fine motion capability and precision. With some standard robot options, there can be accuracy and repeatability losses. These robots provide the most flexible solutions, but specific motions at the highest precision can cause failure because its specific motion is a combination of multiple axes of motion.

To overcome that hurdle, we'll develop innovative custom robotic solutions that delivers specific motions required by your application. The mechanical platform is matched with the appropriate motion control and kinematics to deliver ultimate precision control for your automation application.

Robot Applications

  • Cartesian
  • Six-Axis

Custom Robotics Solution Examples

  • We integrated stacked cartesian coordinate systems (X,Y,Th,Z,X2,Y2,Th2) with a third cartesian manipulator (X3,Y3).
  • We integrated hexapod systems into a combination inspection-alignment station. This solution required the coordination of the additional axes of the inspection equipment along with the existing hexapod system.

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