Procurement Sourcing and Negotiation

Jabil’s Sourcing Teams Bring Deep Functional Expertise, Advanced Analytics and Proven Methodologies to Achieve Tangible Cost Savings

Challenges to Achieving Procurement Cost Leadership

Everyone wants sustainable cost leadership, but few procurement operations have the skills, processes, and technologies required to actually attain it. Many organizations simply don’t possess the scalability and deep category expertise needed to conduct effective procurement in specific regions of the world. Moreover, it’s difficult to build and maintain an organization with the personnel, technology, real-time ecosystem data and extensive supply base required to succeed in today’s challenging procurement environment. Jabil’s Procurement Sourcing & Negotiation service can help put the pieces in place so your company can achieve its procurement goals.

Procurement Sourcing & Negotiation capitalizes on Jabil’s intelligent platform technologies to generate competitive pricing inputs. The solution also strengthens supply chains through make/buy alignment and supplier development. What’s more, Procurement Sourcing and Negotiation delivers optimized purchasing processes and organization, improving purchasing effectiveness.

Deep Functional Expertise

Could your team benefit from additional on-demand capabilities with deep category expertise in specific geographic locales? Jabil’s Sourcing and Negotiation service is designed to fill any skillset, commodity or category expertise gaps that may exist within your organization. With over 2,000 procurement specialists managing 150 categories and commodities across 100 sourcing locations in 26 countries, Jabil’s experts can take on the most complex tasks—from strategy development through ongoing execution. This solution enhances the scope of your organization’s capabilities by adding instant expertise and scalability to propel your organization towards a sustainable cost leadership position in today’s volatile environment.

Strong Supplier Relationships

Could you leverage the power and expertise of a company that maintains strong relationships with 27,000 global suppliers? Jabil’s ongoing management and partnership with the world’s leading suppliers affords us a level of expertise and leverage to better define and optimize a supply base that matches your business needs. This hard-won wisdom and knowledge results in a proven supplier selection process and the capability to prepare winning supplier negotiation prep packages that will allow you to achieve a cost leadership position.

Intelligent Technology

Is your technology limiting your ability to make rapid data-driven sourcing decisions? Jabil's sourcing experts leverage advanced analytics and real-time ecosystem big data analysis to propel your organization towards a cost leadership position. The combination of one unified intelligent, always-on procurement platform, with prescriptive and predictive analytics, unearths insights and opportunities never before realized. This 360-degree view of internal and external data provides faster, more accurate decision support that allows you to move at the speed of digital.

Putting Jabil’s Procurement Prowess to Work for You

How much could your company benefit by working with a partner that has such extensive assets in personnel, technology, ecosystem data and the supply base? Find out by scheduling a complimentary consultation call with a Jabil expert today. Complete the form to learn more.

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