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Additive Manufacturing at Auburn Hills

The transportation industry faces many hurdles to keep up with the pace of change and the demands of customers. Companies are turning to additive manufacturing to help them manage market trends and realities that make it a challenge to be responsive and proactive.

The costs and management drain that comes with the storage, maintenance and delivery of parts for equipment that can be in service for many years is a problem. The strength and benefits of additive manufacturing address this challenge head-on.

With supply chain process improvements, companies can reduce their parts inventories and take advantage of on-demand on-location manufacture and delivery of parts. Lightweight and smarter part design add up to greater fuel efficiency and economies of scale. Reduce the downtime that comes with maintenance and repair and the losses that come with obsolete parts.

Additive manufacturing helps companies reduce downtime and inventory and improve supply management, and it supports advances in lightweight design and manufacture. Benefit from the ability to give customers the parts they need where and when they need them and remove the huge demands of maintenance, repair and obsolescence of parts.