Manteca, California

Ecologic Powered by Jabil in Manteca, California is the first and only scalable hybrid paper bottle manufacturer. We design hybrid paper containers from the ground up with post-consumer recycled materials, making this plant a certified waste converter and the 10th largest recycler in California. Because we source our recycled materials from other nearby facilities, each container is unique and has its own fiber fingerprint.


  • Ecologic's hybrid paper containers are intuitively designed for optimal end-of-life. By keeping the outside fiber shell and thin inner plastic liner separate and not fused together, Ecologic containers can be properly recycled, unlike many legacy formats.
  • We work with other brands to capture and remold their own recycled material into their own containers, which are then sold as a new product that can be recycled once again. This offers unmatched visibility into the lifecycle of the product.
  • Our fiber-based hybrid containers match the structural integrity of traditional packaging format, as they remain water resistant.
  • Ecologic containers are the only commercial hybrid paper-based packaging product in the market. They are available now and are ready to scale across multiple geographies, especially with the backbone and manufacturing expertise of Jabil, a $29B Fortune 200 powerhouse.


  • Sustainable Packaging


  • Blow Molding
  • Bottle Assembly
  • Pouch Making
  • Pulp Forming
  • Pulping


  • FSC Certified
  • ISTA

Manufacturing Space

  • 60,000 sq. ft
Manteca, California


550 Carnegie St
Manteca, CA 95337